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ogether with some activists. "Occupy Colleges" claimed on its web site that as of Wednesday evening, 90 colleges in the United States were confirmed to take part in the protest on

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the company handles safety-related issues. ?The photo dated May 6 shows a giant oil slick threatens to pollute the fragile wetlands of Louisiana. So far, the emergency m

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d here Wednesday. "The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) says that there remains a dire need for further access and humanitarian action in conflict-affect

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zing the urgent need to raise their collective level of ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to keep the average global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius, the UN s

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se has been handled by officials of both countries when they met in Havana and Washington on migration and other bilateral issues. HAVANA, May 5 (Xinhua) -- Cuba has convicted Chil

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ited States to strengthen each of the treaty's key pillars as we work to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, and to pursue the peace and security of a world without them," he sai

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ependent sovereign Palestinian state. One that also achieves the security and stability the peoples of the region have long been waiting for." This is the first address at the 193