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hern Mexico and opened fire, local police said Friday. Eyewitnesses said the suspect entered the Mogabi Bar in downtown Chihuahua, capital of the state of the same name, wearing a


f reinforcement, no military contingency, and our personnel is the same as we have worked with all year," Marquez said in an official statement. Venezuela Foreign Minister Nicolas.


f Colombia (FARC) were received with optimism by observers on Thursday at the start of peace talks to end 50 years of fighting. Speaking at an economic forum, Colombian Foreign Mi.


According to reports of the Municipal Police, the vehicle was heading to the "El Toreo" subway station, as it was covering the route "Huixquilucan-Toreo" when it fell down to a ra.


tial election, after her main rivals, Otton Solis and Otto Guevara, had conceded defeat and congratulated her as the country's first female president in history. Laura, 49, vice p.

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two nations. Cuban television interrupted its regularly scheduled programming early Wednesday to broadcast the content of a letter from Cuban President Raul Castro to his U.S. cou.

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cially, for the promotion of human rights and democracy throughout the region. The seventh high-profile OSCE summit concluded early Friday morning when Kazakh President Nursultan N.

s conference on Monday that he had conducted online affairs with six women via the social media Facebook and Twitter over the past three years. He also vowed to remain in his post.

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