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d reduce the number of nuclear warheads the United States and Russia have to 1,550 from the current cap of 2,200. The treaty would also set up a system for nuclear arms monitoring.


lesio Andrade, Rousseff's rise in opinion polls is due to the support of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, which makes more electors get to know her. "Serra's fall is also conne.


ising for many years. BCNU president Gayle Duteil was quoted by Vancouver Sun on Wednesday as saying that health authorities were not doing enough to protect employees. Duteil said .


st one-month gain on record. It surpassed the old record of a net increase of 135.8 billion dollars in May 2007. The figures reflect demand for U.S. Treasury obligations and other .


me strength as it hit the New York City Sunday morning, with winds dropping to 65 mph by 9 a.m. EDT, the National Hurricane Center said. Still, Irene remains dangerous as streets.

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the West Coast in the early afternoon, the New Zealand Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences reported. The quake hit south of Te Anau on July 15, 2009, which was the most p.

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s. Muaqqat said the decision of the Argentine government was "a joy," because "it gives the opportunity to treat both parties in the conflict with equality." "This recognition will .

ant response to legislation that hurts a whole slice of the population, " said Councilman Ed Reyes, one of seven council members calling for a boycott. "We hope to create an econ.

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