on of the FSWP conducted by the CIC showed that 89 percent of FSWs were employed or self-employed three years after landing. Moreover, 95 percent of the employers surveyed indicate.

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the two memoranda of understanding (MOU) signed by Haitian Minister of Economy and Finance Wilson Laleau and WB representative Alexandre Abrante. The bank approved on May 21 the fu.

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-old Chavez, who is seeking a third term in the October presidential elections, remains upbeat about his prospects of beating the cancer he first was operated for in Cuba in June.

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ves of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB) told the Chamber of Deputies, after his purported opposition rival, former Sao Paulo governor Jose Serra, said he won't dispute.

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e areas include: Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; New York and Houston, Texas. LOS ANGELES, June 24 (Xinhua) -- Spurred by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Ca.

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ca, Asia and Latin America, and two each from the groups of small island states and least developed nations. The document, which still needs the approval of ministers, also propos .

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ceiling in an unevenly way; several mannequins beside the escalator on the third floor not only display clothes, but also wear Peking Opera masks; Clinique, a best-selling cosme.

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peech to lawmakers. The unprecedented decree, published by the government's Official Gazette, contains all the names of the inmates and the causes for which they were convicted. M.

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ngers to the terminals. However, the airline industry is downplaying the rule's effect. "Flight delays and cancellations vary significantly from month to month as a result of variab.

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