itary veteran organization, Work Vessels for Veterans (WVFV), which began in 2008 when a commercial fishing boat was donated to a returning military veteran, has grown so much th.

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day, promising immediate support to relieve their suffering. The hurricane hit Tuesday, leaving the Central, Eastern and Avalon areas of the province with the worst damage in their.

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l giant BP started on Saturday to remove its current oil containment cap in the Gulf of Mexico to make way for a new, tighter-fitting one. The London-based company said Saturday it.

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ongress to pass "genuine immigration reform that includes all families." It will last until Thursday, when the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on the legislation. Around 100 peopl.

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Jose Eduardo Cardozo said Tuesday that lowering the age of criminal responsibility would be catastrophic to the country's prison system. The House of Representatives started on Tu.

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ity," boasts it would create nearly 1 million private-sector jobs in 2013 and bring unemployment down to 4 percent by 2015. The plan, however, has virtually no chance of making it .

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ching here from La Paz. Morales, who was speaking to residents in Chipaya, a small town in western Bolivia, made the statement to "solemnly protest" his plane being refused to fly .

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cancellations. Local police said that they had no major problems like road closures or major accidents with injuries. Up to 8 inches of Snow is expected to continue falling through.

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wait." "I have made my contribution. I'm very grateful I've had a chance to serve. But I think it's time, you know, for others to step up," said Clinton. She claimed that despite v.

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