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ed manner. Oliveira was initially appointed as minister of institutional relations, but swapped jobs with Minister Ideli Salvatti last July. He will return to the House of Represe


s of one family, police said, adding all seven people died on the spot. The crash occurred along the BR-392 Highway in the city of Roque Gonzales in Rio Grande do Sul, a state bord.


e popularity of the Lula administration. People approve her manner of governing and trust her," he said. This argument was backed by the fact that 64 percent interviewees considere.


n said "the firewall put in place by the European Central Bank and supporting international institutions to avoid a spread to the rest of Europe is very important." Among the worl.


vana has a deficit of 519,307 cubic meters of water per day at the moment, affecting more than 1 million people, of whom only 106,000 has water tanks. The ageing of the aqueduct a.

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cial entity and supervise all the institutions in an integrative manner, Calderon said. MEXICO CITY, May?6 (Xinhua) -- Mexico's President Felipe Calderon Wednesday defended the ar.

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global air trade traffic, said Friday the shutdown costs the industry about 200 million dollars each day. HAVANA, April 26 (Xinhua) -- More than 8.2 million Cubans, about 95 perce.

of surgery on June 20 in which an unspecified cancerous tumor was removed. Chavez has so far not provided any information about what type of cancer he is receiving treatment for,.

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