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ent MRV method faces so many disputes, the peer review system may be workable for both sides: to meet rich nations' demands for better review while letting developing nations fee


re way to seal the well for good. The first of BP's two relief wells had been drilled down some 17,909 feet below the sea level and was only 30 to 40 feet away from the outside cas.


human right crisis, with more than 400 million euros (about 520 million U.S. dollars). "We are looking at ways we can work with the opposition to help restore basic services, such .


esidents of Brazil and Nicaragua set conditions for Honduras' return to the OAS, saying it must first condemn last year's coup. WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- Vice President Joe .


commitments. Saleh launched on Thursday a fresh conciliation initiative, promising to hold a referendum on the constitution this year in preparation for transferring power to parl.

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lated cough and other health issues, Bush's spokesman said Monday. Spokesman Jim McGrath said they are hopeful that the ex- president will be released from hospital this week, ac.

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rgon, which then joined with molecules of hydrogen to form the molecular. The discovery of argon-36 in the Crab Nebula, the first detection of its kind, helps confirm a long-stand.

," General Douglas Fraser, director of the U.S. South Command, told reporters. "Now the security is the responsibility of the peace forces of the United Nations formed by 10,000 t.

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