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Lamenting the news of fatal casualties in combat, which could have been averted with a bilateral ceasefire, we once again ask President (Juan Manuel) Santos to open the possibili

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ew members, according to a statement by Continental Airlines. It happened a day after a Delta Airlines flight from French capital Paris to U.S. city of Atlanta was diverted to an

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ram. The letter claims that Homeland Security has violated the legal contract with local governments by deporting non-violent criminals, many of them were never charged. More than h

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nt Joe Biden has phoned Iraqi leaders to stress the importance of resolving the ongoing political crisis in the Middle East country through the political process, the White House

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hn F. Kennedy airport after experiencing engine trouble, local media reported. The Moscow-bound Boeing 767-300, on Delta's flight 30, had 193 passengers on board. It returned to

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uncil on Foreign Relations, a Washington- based think tank. "Europe is in the next stage of another major escalation" in their strategy to contain the crisis and build a stronger

人与动人物xxxx -秋霞一级理论在

h. Rousseff also took the opportunity to tout government measures in favor of labor, including raising the minimum wage, improving workers' purchasing power and maintaining the emp