d 40 percent, while a surge by the New Democratic Party (NDP) has put it in a statistical tie with the Liberal Party, the prospect for a Tory majority in Parliament on May 3 is t.

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ld's few companies that grows and sells the plant for industrial purposes. BOGOTA, June 25 (Xinhua) -- Colombia's National Police Tuesday confirmed the arrest of four suspects in .

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secretary of the DHS who was also present at the Chamber of Commerce event. "Businesses have a stake in this debate. When it comes to securing the homeland, federal, state, and l.

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"has had some small accomplishments like healthcare, Bank legislation and some tax cuts for the lower middle class. If they (the two parties) could just coalesce, I believe we (Am.

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mong all citizens of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan's interim government, which took power after a violent uprising in April, has planned to hold a referendum on a draft of a new constitu.

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to campaign for issues he cares about, including space programs. He thanked supporters and family for all their efforts during the campaign. Gingrich didn't give an immediate endo .

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king. Both sides described the talks as "positive and productive" with "profound differences" remaining. In the second round of talks, held amid objection by many Republicans, Cuba.

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t inmates and guards, the state prosecutor's office said in a statement. The gunmen deceived the guard at the entrance by telling him they were delivering an inmate to the prison .

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re evacuated from the affected area, and at least 600 of them were staying in shelters Monday. The fire, the largest of dozens of wildfires burning throughout the state, is not th.

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